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Nature is created by non-human

Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:12 am

Nature is created by non-human beings and is natural Marlboro Gold. In ancient China, a writer named Su Shi said: "Nature is rich and rich, and the sky is waiting for the gold plate to recommend Huawu." Only when human beings treat nature well will nature be kind to human beings and natural beauty. The environment is the surrounding situation and the beginning of life. Protecting nature protects the environment and protects people's best living conditions. However, the development of modernization has made humans forget all of this.re is a cartoon on our language. The painting is in a lush forest. There is a logger who holds a board axe and cuts trees at random. A woodpecker stands on his shoulder and angrily glares at the man-wood-like head Newport Cigarettes Price. The subtitles on the screen are: "There must be insects in this piece of wood...r reading this cartoon, my first reaction was to laugh, but after I laughed Marlboro Red, I felt sad. Where is the "bug"? Is it in the big tree? Still in the head of this person? If it is in the head of "people," how big a tragedy will it be? the answer in the lesson of "The Funeral of the Great Falls". It used to be the largest waterfall in the world, the Sit Kaidas Waterfall, because the high dam of the hydropower station intercepted a lot of river water and made the water source large. Less, and the surrounding factories use water without restraint, and the forests along the banks of the river are arbitrarily destroyed, and the trees are deforested, causing a large loss of water and soil. The Satkaidas Great Falls has been dried up year by year. According to scientists, it will not be long before the Satkaidas Great Falls will disappear forever Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. In late September 1986, a grand funeral was held for the Sit Kaidas Great Falls. This is a tragedy! But what is the significance of holding such a funeral? It's better to put down the "axe", stop the damage, and restore the nature!Arctic is melting, the acid rain is rolling, the torrents are raging, the sandstorms are raging... Isn't this the result of human beings arbitrarily destroying the ecological environment and natural resources? People brew their own bitter wine and eat bitter fruit. But people still don't know how to cherish our forest resources and natural environment like those who have "worms" in their heads. People are unrestrained, reckless mining of mineral resources, unscrupulous abuse of chemicals, disposable items, etc. Unscrupulous discharge of industrial wastewater into the river, causing a large number of fish to die, living fish also contain toxins, we humans eat these poisoned fish, but also poisoned, and even got some inexplicable disease, can not be healed. Antarctic ozone hole is caused by the excessive use of Freon on the earth, which is discharged into the air and destroys the ozone layer. It will cause a large amount of ultraviolet rays to illuminate the earth, and the incidence of diseases such as human skin cancer will increase. The earth's temperature is rising, the glaciers are melting, the water source is about to be exhausted, and red tides occur in many waters on the earth. That is because living and industrial wastewater enters the waters. These waters contain excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus, which cause fish and shrimp to die and threaten humans. Health and life; virgin forests are constantly being destroyed by humans, causing many animals to be displaced, and even some species are dying. Isn��t this caused by human beingpid increase of the population on both sides of the Tarim River, the demand for water has also increased. People are desperately trying to use water in the Tarim River, blindly cultivating water, blindly constructing reservoir interceptions, and blindly digging for water. Blindly build a pumping station to pump water. The "four blinds" are like a huge water-absorbing ghost. They finally drained the water of the Tarim River, and the humans stopped. This draining completely dried up the water in Lop Nur, and no bird dared to cross here. . There are no beasts who dare to run here and jump, and there are no movements or plants (flowers, birds) that will multiply here. The vicissitudes of the past few decades have finally made Loppo become horrible Marlboro Lights. It seems to be a hell, even for that millennium. Undead Populus euphratica, finally fell down after 20 years of intense sunburn, and became a dry "mummy." "Fairyland" Lop Nur has now disappeared and become a desert. This is the tragedy of the ecological environment that has been vandalized. This is not only caused by a person with a "worm" in his head, but also because the whole human being does not value the nature and environment in which he lives, and it stroying the earth, please don't forget that when the earth's resources are exhausted, we humans are also et be kind to the mountains and waters of the earth, one stone and one grass, just like treating our loved

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